Hello and Welcome

My husband and I are in the process of designing and creating this website.  He insists that I need to include a blog.  Let me start off by admitting that I am not even sure I know what a blog is.  I think it’s my husband’s gentle way of suggesting I should try expressing my thoughts and ideas to someone besides him.  Poor guy.  You see, I resigned from my last paid position two years ago and have been home ever since.  He happens to work out of our home as well.  So, when I hear something on the radio or television or read something on the internet that gets me riled up, guess who gets to listen to my ranting.  He probably has the optimistic notion that this will be a quieter way for me to work through my frustrations.  Becoming a blogger reminds me of the old expression, “I used to couldn’t spell blogger and now I are one.”

Anyway, I’ll tell you a little about who I am.   I have been passionate about family relationships, especially my own, for as long as I can remember.  I am a trained, but not practicing marriage and family therapist.  I have practiced marriage and family therapy, conducted parenting classes, and written on just about every topic associated with marriage and family relationship issues for over twenty years.  It’s probably safe to say that parenting is my favorite aspect of the family system to address.  I have used various metaphors for exploring the parent-child relationship in columns published in parenting magazines, church bulletins, and school newsletters.

The Parent’s Tool Box viewed parenting in terms of its qualities as a building process.  Pastoral Parenting was written from the perspective of parenting as spiritual guidance.  Most recently, as arts facilitator for a creative and performing arts school, my passion for the arts and their role in enriching and enhancing life inspired The Art of Parenting.  Currently, I am writing a monthly article for New York Parenting magazine.  Examples from each of these endeavors will be available on my Writing page.

This blog, (and honestly, I do not like that word.  Surely someone could have come up with a more attractive sounding description for whatever this is.), will serve as a repository for the thoughts, ideas, observations, and reactions inspired by my personal experience with marriage, parenting, and family as well as my general impressions of these universally human relationships.  Several people have encouraged me to write a book.  Perhaps this will help me decide whether or not I have anything worth saying.  If you choose to join me on this journey, I’ll be glad to have the company.

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