The Chance to Write Again

Back in August, we spent a week in New York City visiting our older son who has made it his home for the past two years. We walked all over the place. Every evening, as we rode the subway back to his neighborhood, we would each guess how many miles we put on the pedometer. I think we covered just under 12 miles one day. But one of my favorite routes includes walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. While in Brooklyn, I picked up a copy of Brooklyn Family magazine published by New York Parenting. I am always interested in the conversation regarding parenting in other communities. I was impressed with the wealth of information offered and the quality of the publication.

When I got back to Lexington, I emailed the editor to share my impressions and attached an article I had written that related to the topics covered in the August issue. She responded promptly and asked if she could include it in the September issue. And so, after a two year hiatus, I was given the chance to write again about my passions – marriage, parenting, family. As of January, I will be a regular contributor to the five editions of New York Parenting magazine.

You can access the articles published to date on my WRITING page. The most recent submission was added today, Peace on Earth. Considering all the disheartening headlines we have been bombarded with over the past several months, I wanted to start out the New Year with a message of peace. I invite you to join me in making a resolution to choose peace in the days to come. Perhaps, if we all help each other, we will keep our resolution and create a revolution! A peaceful revolution. Is that possible? Let’s try.

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