While Walking

This morning, as I walked through the first snow of the year, I noticed the quiet stillness created by the gently falling flakes. No other form of precipation produces this effect. Only snow. My senses were heightened. Noises sounded crisper. I could hear the flakes landing on the leaves. Images seemed clearer. Every branch and tree – the detail of every house was outlined. I could smell and taste the cold. I felt like a part of the landscape.

So much in our high-tech, artificial lifestyle deceives, alters, dampens, or overpowers our senses. There is so much light, we can’t see the stars. So much noise, we can’t hear the birds sing. So many deodorizers, we can’t smell the flowers. So much to do, we don’t notice.

Well, the holidays are behind us and hopefully we have been inspired to reaffirm our beliefs, become better versions of our former selves, honor and strengthen our significant relationships, and dedicate our efforts toward making a meaningful difference in whatever corner of the world we reside. We are each endowed with the power to do these very things. Each and every day we are given chances to make real, beneficial, lasting differences in the lives of those around us in both discreet and obvious ways. But first, we have to notice. We have to be paying attention. We have to:

Listen carefully
Look closely
Smell intently
Taste thoroughly
Feel deeply

Only then can we expect to:

Speak thoughtfully
Touch gently
Act courageously
Love graciously
Live intentionally

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