Bee Kind


To say that things are dry here is an understatement. Last Friday, I noticed that the honey bees were flying around one of the hummingbird feeders. I had not seen them show any interest in them before. I realized they were not only flying around it, they were actually crawling up into the openings and drowning in the sugar water. Knowing that it is critical that we protect our bee population, I took action. I made some more nectar, poured it in a pie tin, and placed it alongside the hummingbird feeder. Within 15 minutes, the bees discovered this new source of moisture. That evening, when they had all returned to their hive, I took down the feeder. This was the view from my window yesterday morning. Needless to say, we could not even go out on the front porch. Soooo…I put another pie tin of ”nectar” out in the back yard on a stump to lure our pollinator friends further from the house. Today, they are enjoying the new location and I can, once again, safely do my front porch sittin’. This was a stark reminder that all living things need water. The bees use it to keep the honey at a constant temperature by taking it back to the hive, spraying it on the honeycomb and fanning it with their wings. Nature is amazing! So satisfying to help out!

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