Be the Change

Back in February, I shared a post describing how upsetting it was to see so much trash along the road.  Thought I’d update you on what’s transpired since. After a few days of fussing, fuming, and ain’t it awfulling, Jerry and I started carrying a bag in which to collect the trash.  The pictures above are from the first week of our efforts to clean up along the five-mile loop we walk. Since we started performing this task, we have received some interesting reactions.  One morning, you high-school aged young man came up behind us on a skateboard. As he turned down a side street he called out, “Thank you for picking up trash,” as he held up his own bag. Several people have stopped to thank us for being good citizens.  A woman told us we were creating good karma. Another woman complained that it just made her sick to see all the trash. We replied that was why we brought along a bag. A few days later when we passed she called, “Now you’ve got me doing it.” “Good for you,” we replied.  The other morning we saw a couple of kids waiting for the bus. We stopped and picked up some discarded food containers in the street in front of their house. As we passed, we heard the little boy telling his sister, “Those people are picking up the stuff you dropped yesterday.  That’s not their job. You were supposed to throw that away. They don’t have to do that you know. You should have done it.” Gandhi told us, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” He didn’t say, only change what is your job to change. We’ve decided that if it needs to be done and we can do it, it’s our job.  The two of us can’t possibly clean up the world, but we can clean up the part we walk through every day. Imagine the possibilities if everyone who reads this post chooses to do the same. Grab a bag and join us!                   

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