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5 thoughts on “WRITING”

  1. I appreciate you taking the time to check out the site, Greg. I hope you’ll FOLLOW us and share suggestions for how we can make this a useful site. All the best.


  2. Carolyn, I have always found your insights and suggestions extremely helpful and look forward to checking out this website on a regular basis for new ideas.


  3. Thank you for inspiring me to be more aware and mindful in how I live my life, especially in relationship to my family. As you know, while I’m not a parent, family life and how it is lived out is very important to me. I look forward to being challenged in my thinking and behavior by your writing. I’ve read everything on your blog and in New York Parenting. Please continue your blog, so I can continue to read more of your writing. I am encouraged by your “thoughtful walking” and engaging in it as well.


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